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My Background

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I graduated with honours from the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in 2013 before moving the Calgary, AB. I started working in the city with no real idea of where I fit in the modality of massage therapy but my passion and intuition guided me to two wonderful spas that would be instrumental in identifying my strengths. I worked at Soma Spa downtown until they moved to Calgary's south east (they're now called Soma Hammam and Spa). Wanting to keep my commute to a minimum, I discovered SwizzleSticks Salon Spa and began working there in 2016. My co-workers and clients at this spa were incredibly inspiring for me. At the time, SwizzleSticks was the oldest spa in Calgary and had been open and thriving for 30+ years! The knowledge I soaked up during my time there was priceless. 

In 2019 my partner and I welcomed the birth of our son, and with that came the decision to move back to the East Coast. We settled in Halifax where I worked for Spirit Spa. I was more sure of myself and my talents and aspirations now, and immediately started attracting clients that fit my goals. Every day I was seeing people wanting work done for stress reduction, upper back and neck complaints, headaches, facial tension... all of my favourite things to treat! It was a dream. But I still felt pulled in another direction.

Which leads us to now! My young family and I moved again, this time to Prince Edward Island. I'm currently not practicing as I'm pregnant with my second child and don't have the space to devote to bodywork right now. But I can't wait for the time to be right to begin my massage journey here on the Island. 

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My Approach

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I believe that a great massage should meet the spirit as well as the body. It is my intention with every treatment to help your body remember its balance and to help your mind return from a place of chaos to its natural state of serenity. 

My specialties include deep relaxation and stress management: my philosophy is that the body will do much of its healing on its own if we relieve our stress response first. I also love treating headaches and neck and shoulder tension, and I would add a scalp + hand + foot segment to every massage if I could!

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I don't subscribe to the belief that a massage has to hurt in order to heal.

My style as a practitioner is one of harmony and flow with your physical body and energies. I utilize traditional Swedish massage techniques along with deeply satisfying fascial release work in my therapeutic treatments.

I also believe in treating your body holistically and naturally, which is why I only use products that are safe for your whole being and the earth. I strive to use local and simple products in all of my services.

My practice and passion extends beyond just hands-on bodywork. I also create content and write blog posts and eBooks to help educate and inspire you toward a life of balance and calm. Check out the other sections of this website for all the goods!

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